Why Choose Second Alarm Custom Leather

Second Alarm Custom Leather is a leader in manufacturing top quality, handcrafted leather products designed for the Fire Service.

Hand Crafted

Second Alarm Custom Leather is a one man operation using traditional leatherworking techniques to develop and manufacture some of the highest quality firefighter leather products on the market.


Every item produced in my leather workshop must meet the highest quality and craftsmanship on the market. With a high attention to detail and ensuring the proper techniques and products are used will ensure your complete satisfaction in my products.

Product Satisfaction

I want each and every product that leaves my shop to exceed your expectations. If for any reason you are not happy with your product, I will do everything within my capabilities to rectify the problem and make sure you are 100% satisfied with your product.

Highest Quality Materials

To produce a high quality product you must use high quality materials. Every effort has been made to source the highest quality leathers, hardware and supplies needed to make you a custom leather product that will last.


Why leather? Because its tradition. The fire service has a very deep and established tradition that is complimented with pride. Leather from the beginning has and always will be embedded into many aspects of the fire service such as leather helmets, helmet fronts, and bunker boots just to name a few.

Made In USA

Simply stated our products are manufactured in the USA by a career firefighter for firefighters.

Featured Leather Products

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