Helmet Shields

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    This is the color for the two cap nuts that are visible on the front of the shield that hold the back plate

    Top and Bottom Rocker Selections

    Shield Numbers

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    Up to 3 numbers cutout or 4 numbers tooled (not cut out)

    Upgrade to Reflective or Glow In Dark Numbers $5

    Shield Stitching

    Removable Unit Identifier


    Snaps onto shield with section of Velcro to attach temporary unit identifier


    Leather Helmet Fronts 3

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Product Description
  • Choose between Modern Large or Modern Regular
  • Top and Bottom Rocker Stamping
  • Up to 3 cutout numbers or 4 tooled numbers (numbers not cut out)
  • Fits all traditional helmets
  • Mounting holes are not pre-drilled
Additional Information
Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 1 in

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